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Spearhead Consulting + Midas Achievers Since Inception and Launch

Geeta Singh is  passionate about Empowering  Entrepreneur and Coaches to explore the Limitless Potential buried inside them. To help them in making their  their dreams come alive  and achieve the next level of desired success and motivate them to become excellent contributor in society.

Today Hundred of Coaches and Entepreneurs have benefited from Midas Achievers Life Transformational Events be it Midas Talks, Midas Workshop .

What Geeta Says About  Partnership With Spearhead Consulting

“I’m following Spear Head Consulting’s Digital Brand  development process and it’s has significantly impacted my endeavour  Realizations are flooding out of me! This clarity works. Spearhead Consulting believes in partnering and are putting their skin the game by not only giving me idea but executing the same with me thanks to their smart business graduates who always challenge the status quo ! “


Spearhead Consulting + 2nd OPINION Since Inception and Launch

Dr. Dinesh Baliga  is passionate about Empowering  Patients to get the best healthcare services and he came up with this transformational idea of Second Opinion. He has been helping Patients and Individual who have been dejected by the Healthcare system and he injects new hope and guide them on alternate options to recover and lead a normal life.

Today hundreds of patients have benefited from the 2nd OPINION.

Dr. Baliga Contribution to Humanity in the time of COVID Crisis is much appreciated.

What Dr Baliga Says About  Partnership With Spearhead Consulting

“Combine creativity and partnership, a strong desire for successful outcomes and a complete can-do attitude and you get… Spearhead Consulting.
Blend of Experts and Sharp Business Graduates  to support your business and Digital branding needs.
They were diligent in getting to know my goals and in gaining a clear understanding of my brand  needs.
They then applied their creative magic, limitless energy and professional work ethic to help us achieve our branding goals.
Many times, the road to a great final product is cluttered with bumps and bruises. Not so with Spearhead consulting… the experience was both enlightening and fun.
This company clearly knows how to get the job done… exceeding all expectations every step of the way.


Spearhead Consulting + STYLEX

 Market Expansion Focus

Arpit Mehra is passionate about Expanding Market share and to enter new markets. .With the focus to grow, gain market share and to enhance the brand image STYLEX partnered with Spearhead Consulting.

Stylex successfully pursued its objective of gaining visibility, market shares and enhance confidence in the brand.

Within 2 months of giving our solution, Stylex was able to sign 2 big contracts and Spearhead Consulting played an essential role in getting these contracts as well.




 Spearhead Consulting + Digify  New  Market / Product   Research

Sanddeep Mushran is a Serial Entrepreneur and has sharp eyes for new markets. With the focus to grow in Food Supplement Business Digify partnered with Spearhead Consulting.

Digify  successfully pursued its objective of gaining insight into Food Supplement market, what all it shall take to enter or expand it, Leading players of Food Supplement.Right Contacts to Enter into the Market.





Jatin Garg : MBA Student at IIM Sirmaur

Doing an internship in a consulting firm is a dream for any MBA student.

I was lucky enough to get this opportunity by Spearhead Consulting.

This provided me with an overview of how a consulting firm works. Working with Spearhead Consulting enabled me to gain various industry insights in difficult times when everything was under lockdown due to Covid-19.

I got the opportunity to interact with CEO Mr. Adhitya Bhogra. He helped me as a friend as he guided me, motivated me at different points of time during my internship.

He gave me the opportunity to do various tasks which gave me self confidence. I would like to thank everyone who interacted with me during my tenure with Spearhead Consulting.”

Giorgio Gallo : Master in Management Candidate at IE Business School

Energy, Ambition, Determination, Mentorship, Friendship. ☀️

This is what my #expatinternship meant for me.

My period in India ended but together with the Spearhead Consulting team we decided that it was not the final act of our plot.

There’s still a lot of things to do and we’ll continue working further but harder than ever, every day because the grand finale is far from being executed so stay tuned for the great news.

I want to thank all of the people I’ve met during my Indian stay.
All of you have contributed to my personal and professional evolution.🇮🇳

I want to thank Piyush Paryani as my teammate and a tireless worker.

And last, but definitely not least, I want to thank once more my mentor Adhitya Bhogra for having guided me during this transformational path.

Piyush Paryani : MBA student at IIT Kanpur , Harvard HPAIR – Global Markets and the Economy

Doing an Internship with Spearhead Consulting was one of my best decisions while pursuing my management degree.

The firm provided me a very valuable experience.

The culture of Spearhead Consulting is very positive and empowering.

I would like to especially thank the CEO Mr. Adhitya Bhogra for being so humble, approachable, and motivating. During the internship, I got to experience a really diverse set of tasks and learn a lot about critical problem-solving methods in consulting.

The work hard party harder culture of the company is really amazing.

The amount of diversity of work that I got was hard to do in just 2 months, but the senior team members of the company made it a very smooth journey for me. Ranging from the food supplement industry to the fire fighting industry to co-working spaces, this internship provided me an enormous amount of learning in these sectors.

Sagar Utkarsh : MBA student at NITE Mumbai, whose startups experience has been excellent and highly productive.

I was always fascinated by the world of consulting and entrepreneurs and Spearhead Consulting provided me an opportunity to experience both.

Be it taking the ownership of a project or giving my insights on a business plan to a CEO of a company, Spearhead Consulting provided me with the confidence of pushing my boundaries and provided a platform for interacting with the experienced industry professional.

I was also able to implement some of the classroom learnings in an actual business environment and experience how business is conducted.

And at Spearhead, the work hard party hard culture along with the amazing benefits offered showed how amazing the life of a consultant really is.

Being a part of Spearhead has really motivated me and made my goal of becoming a full-time business consultant crystal clear

Toby Abraham : MBA student at IMI Delhi who has earlier worked at TCS

Doing an internship with Spearhead consulting was a valuable experience for me.

The internship helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses with more clarity.

Everyone I worked with in Spearhead consulting was supportive and motivating.

I got the opportunity to apply the business concepts I learned in classrooms to real-world business problems.

The internship gave me a better understanding of the startup ecosystem and operations of small and medium scale businesses.

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