Why do you need to know VUCA? Are You ready to Decode the VUCA World?

Are you ready to make sense of Opportunities presented by a fast-paced  World?

Do you have a single guide to make sense of Volatile situations all around us?

How about starting with Basics

VUCA: How did the Term Originate?

19th-century Prussian military commander Helmuth van Moltke has said :

 “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

Yet we spend some much time making business plan doing analytics, assuming we know the customer and customer choices and can predict the outcome or can influence the outcome

General George  Casey has said

“I spent 30 years of a 40-year career training to fight a war I never fought, and the last 10 learning to fight a different kind of war while I was fighting it.”

The Key is to learn to fight a war while fighting it. How does that sound?

In Business Terms, it is learning to do business while doing it.

The keyword is adaptability and agility, especially in an Uncertain and Complex World.

You cannot go to war with a belief that you know it all.

This all makes sense in today’s scenario when we are faced with COVID Situation which is exemplifying VUCA Word

What is VUCA and Why You Need to know that

 VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous Environment.

So What?

How does knowing VUCA full form helps?

Knowing VUCA full form shall not help but understanding VUCA  World shall open opportunities you may never have dreamt before.


  • This one book Shall helps you decode the VUCA world and framework needed to maximize the opportunity this book is for you.

  • If you are a leader overwhelmed by the COVID Challenge and things moving at a very fast pace and you want to know how you can plan your move or take your organization to the next level, This book is for you.

  • For  Business Graduate looking to understand the VUCA world and skill set needed to transform your career, this book is for you.


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