As a Solopreneur especially when you are transitioning from the corporate world to Business World due to one reason or another you have to learn Following fast.

  1. First Things, You don’t have a team as you used to have in your corporate world.
  2. Second: You are the CEO of your company and the most important resource you have is your time.
  3. Third: There are certain technologies in the market which you can definitely learn but shall take time and as discussed above time is your key resource

Now the challenge you can get into is to start picking all the things and not leveraging.

However, Leveraging can be a game-changer for you to transition into the business world.

Let’s Look at how leveraging helps. Let’s say you partner with Digital Consultant to build your digital assets e.g website, Facebook, Instagram, etc

This could help you in the following way

Digital Consultant can

  • Help you to focus on the right customers
  • Put your in front of right customers choosing the right marketplace
  • Bring you to a network of connections that can be helpful to further your business.
  • As Digital Consultant himself/herself might be solopreneur or founder, he/she can definitely guide you in the transition

If You get all the above benefits, it shall definitely help you to focus on business and grow it.

Calculate your hourly cost and then compare it to the cost of leverage, the answer shall become obvious.

Leveraging shall help you to focus on your craft and create good solutions rather than learning new things and slowing yourself down.

Action Steps: 1

At this moment I encourage you to look at your weekly or monthly time spend and evaluate ROI On your time spent

Can you not get leverage and focus on Building Your Business which shall bring Multiplier effect to your efforts.

If you are not sure how Digital Consultant / Leveraging can help you in endeavor or transition, reach out to me at

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