As a Solopreneur we spend most of our times in chasing customer especially when we are transitioning from Corporate World to Business World

Stories we read in the Media inspires us

  • A boy of Fourteen making Millions
  • Uneducated Men/Women selling to Millions of People
  • Sales Gurus and Business Coaches all around selling their guidance and books and ensuring us success

And We take a jump in the Business World

Having spent years in the corporate world and have used to the lifestyle of the team around us.

Having focused on delivery or product creation and not paying attention to sales rather fighting with salespeople

And then here we are, in the business world and Selling is something which seems challenging to most of us.

We wish somehow the customer shall come and buy our products/services in large quantity and we shall be Jeff Bozos soon.

But After many Months we realize the customer is nowhere in sight and hence the question Where is our First Customer?

Based on my personal experience and experience of solopreneurs i have supported, the following are key questions we need to work on

  1. What is the persona of your customer?
  2. What is his / her need which you can fulfill?
  3. Why he/she should come to you?
  4. Does he/she even know that you exist?
  5. Where do your prospect or target customers hang around?
  6. Where do you hang around?
  7. What is Your Uniqueness?
  8. Most Important What is your Why? The stronger the Why and Story the stronger the connection with Customers.

If you could work on only one of the above questions, Pick Question No 8 and work on your Why? It shall transform your life

As Solopreneur you shall go through highs and lows and in the start mostly high lows and you shall think many times to quit but keep going and when you need to recharge yourself, take a look at you Why?

Action Steps: 1

At this moment I encourage you to look at customers you went after so far and were they were the right target?

If you could sketch the persona of the customer, what shall be it?

Can you not get leverage and help on resolving your challenges and making your transition to the business world graceful and less painful?

If you need help in transitioning to Business World from Corporate World I can surely help as I have tried many ways and experimented with a lot of stuff. I have learned hard way and I can save you from frustration and wasted time

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