Strategy and Governance

“Governance and leadership are “the yin and the yang of successful organisations. If you have leadership without governance, you risk tyranny, fraud and personal fiefdoms. If you have governance without leadership you risk atrophy, bureaucracy and indifference,”- says Mark Goyder

Spearhead Consultants focus on Aligning an organization’s cybersecurity strategic direction with its business goals, which is crucial to a successful cybersecurity program.

How Spearhead Can Help

  • We provide actionable insights driven by proprietary frameworks to address technology governance needs including strategy, adoption, and controls.
  • We plan a robust social strategy to take care of Information flow to and from Social Media e.g. Facebook, twitter etc.
  • We guide clients to set up cybersecurity Risk Culture that fits with the organizational culture.
  • We set up reporting and communication chart to be monitored and actioned by Various Leaders across the Organization.

Why Choose Speardhead Consulting

Our Mission is to enable our customers, partners, stakeholders and associates to achieve next level.

Our Primary Purpose as an Organization is to Delivery High Quality and High Impact Transformational Solutions to Our Clients.



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