Covid-19 is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century as it has affected everything from manufacturing to the living style of the people.

This has resulted in a thought process that what one should do to enable one to sail through this difficult time without any problem.

According to my understanding, I have worked out and found out some of the points for the business to sustain in the current situation which is listed below-

  • Adaptation – Adaptation is one of the key elements for any person or industry to stay in the current market that is constantly changing the market. Adapting to the new form of working that is Work From Home (WFH), automation of most of the work that was earlier done manually. People generally take more time to adapt to the change in the situation that needs to be changed, which leads to the other skill one must have to sustain in the market that is Quickness.

  • Quickness – Quickness is something, which is necessary by a person when he is working in a constantly changing environment. He needs to adapt to the new working environment as fast as possible. This will make him the ‘early adopter’. According to the Harvard study, early adopter observes higher growth and higher market position. This is why this skill is required for anyone when he/she will be working and want to sustain in the market.

  • Entrepreneurship Behavior – When one is WFH, the environment makes him less serious about the work. This is why one should be self-reliant in all forms, one should understand what one is up to and one should not always need guidance when stuck at any point. This type of behavior will lead people to acquire new skills for the job or wellbeing. That will make people advance in their careers.

  • Learning – One of the most important skills to achieve any of the three skills listed above is learning. One must move toward continuous learning. He/she shall not stop learning at any point in time.

  • Interdependence – It is one of the skills, which will be helpful for a person to be sustainable in the current market condition. Now companies are moving toward ‘Co-Optive’ behavior, a mix of both Cooperative and Competitive behavior as disc used in the Harvard university research paper. Therefore, interdependence is the key to the coming generation.

  • Analytics Skills – Most of the industries are focusing on data analytics to understand the behavior of people in different prospects such as their buying behavior, their spend analysis, etc. This will give us a clear view of what type of services and products they should focus on. That is why this skill is important in the coming times.

Acquisition of Key Skills During and after COVID 19 impact
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Acquisition of Key Skills During and after COVID 19 impact
Can you think of the skills that you should acquire before joining an organization impacted by COVID 19?
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