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Do You Know How To secure internship effectively, take care of your environmental challenges and Get What You Want from Internship and your Life?
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Do You Know How To secure internship effectively, take care of your environmental challenges and Get What You Want from Internship and your Life?

Securing an Internship depends on the set of actions done at the right time in the right order.

Discover the Master System for securing your internship. Master System describes Framework and Tools to enhance your preparation as you take on the goal of Securing for Dream Internship.

The same Framework can be used to secure Onsite, Remote, Virtual and International Internship.

In this book, the author shares with your Master System to secure Internship and Enjoy it while you are doing it as well as some of the learning from the system can be applied to enjoying a Great Career in any organization.

Dear Achievers,

How many times have you wished that you could have known a system to secure an internship that you want rather than one which is offered?

How many times you have wanted to participate in an internship that offers international exposure?

How many times you have wanted to step into the corporate environment and have a feel of it while still finishing your academics.It’s time to put that to an end with the help of this book and work toward Dream Internship?

Lack of Internship Opportunity can limit most students’ lives as internship experience makes you stand out from most of the other candidates

Author Adhitya Bhogra had the privilege to work in USA, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Nairobi, Tanzania and Tokyo and has been to More than 20 Countries across Globe. This has enabled him to make Friends from Most parts of the Globe and Learn from them. He has advanced his Skills from Elite Business Schools Like Harvard Business School, ISB and IIMs. He has also worked as Tony Robbins Crew in Singapore UPW and had the pleasure of making difference in the lives of thousands of people. He is a certified trainer from one of the best trainers in the world Mr. Blair Singer. As an E-Mentor, He has been Mentoring Leaders, Engineers and College Students on various Projects or Challenges.

What Will You Learn With This Book?
This is a practical guide to help you in securing your dream internship.
This book shall empower you to get a clear picture of yourself, your goal, tools to be used and preparations to be done.
Additionally, you get shall get a list of tools to be used in doing your research to shortlist and finalize your dream company to intern with.
You shall have the insight into the system of lifelong growth and learning.

Most importantly, we will give you lifetime support to reach out to us and get answers to your questions at any stage of your career.

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