Leaders of the VUCA world shall not be experts of yesterday but learners, team players, and Risk-Takers.

General George Casey has said


“I spent 30 years of a 40-year career training to fight a war I never fought, and the last 10 learning to fight a different kind of war while I was fighting it.”

Given that You are the founder and have taken the first step, you have put yourself in the category of Top 5% of the world population who implement their ideas.

Being Founder and especially if you are by yourself, put you in a difficult spot as you rely on yourself to perform various parts of the business.

You are Crowned as Solopreneur which feels good but is challenging for sure.

Sometimes you are a marketer, sometimes you are a salesperson and sometimes you are the owner.Secretly, you always wish there was a support mechanism to decode the chaos around you.

All this was going on and then you are rocked by COVID.

 You were still figuring out your moves and now this COVID impact where even the mature business houses are being impacted and some are bleeding especially Travel and Tourism Industry.

To Win a Game you need to understand the Game.

COVID is a typical VUCA phenomenon that has taken the world by total surprise.

The customer is moving its choices based on what is available and where it is available?

What if I tell you can create clarity in chaos?

What if I tell you there are only three kinds of products/services in today’s world.

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Have a close look at the table above as it reflects customer behavior in today’s world.

You Must have a product/service which should belong to the Must-Have or New Demand category.

If you don’t time to think about shaping up your product or service.

Action Steps: 1

At this moment I encourage you to pick the category your product or services belong to and if needed move or diversity into the segments which either belong to Must-Have or New Demand category

Once you have figured that out, We shall Look at Digitalizing your offer for product or services but before any digitalization starts product or service should have a demand.

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