The spread of the Coronavirus, and the Lockdown, has disrupted Summer Internship. Most of the Internship offers are either delayed or canceled. This shall be impacting the exposure and readiness of graduates significantly for the corporate world. Typically Students Look for following outcome in a summer internship 1)     Learn about real-world and solve real problems 2)     Learn problem-solving skills 3)     Enhance the CV with real-world experience 4)     Enhance their competence in a particular domain 5)     Pre Placement offer 6)     Stipend Given the Situation world is in, Corporations are challenged themselves given the Lockout and other restrictions put in place.

  • Corporations like Amazon are on standby to reach the customer with product and hence cash flow is impacted in a big way. Small Organizations are focusing on survival.
  • Customer on the major part of the world is limiting the buying to essential commodities. Given the scenario, there is a lot of pressure on the Corporation to survive.

Students Interested in Internships have to embrace the current situation and change the priority of the outcome expected from the Internship. Corporations / Small organizations shall need help in a big way once the Market Starts recovering but the skill set in demand might be different. Business Graduate needs to acquire or enhance skills which are value add to the organization from day one. Following Skills shall be greatly in demand as we start bouncing back from COVID Impact

  •  Enhancing Digital Presence / Customizing Digital Presence of Organization
  • Sales  Skills
  •  Creating a Unique Experience for Customer
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Collaboration skills
  •  Innovative Thinking
  • Design Thinking

What does this mean to Business Graduates looking for Internships in COVID TIMES?

  •  Relook at Your Value Proposition for the Organization you want to join for Internship. If you have some skill that can add value to the Organization, highlight it.
  • Prioritize your Outcome from the Internship. If you have to let go of one of the Expected outcomes from the Pre-COVID Era Internship, let it be.
  • Volunteer for Supporting an organization in this tough time as there are certain key projects or activities like reevaluating the Business Model, Preparing plans to bounce back after this challenge.

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