Why Choose India ?

  • India is one of the fastest growing major economy in the world .
  • By 2030, India is predicted to be 3rd largest economy in the world by various international GDP predicting agencies.
  • Experience a country with extremely varying demographics and learn a different perspective altogether
  • It is widely considered that 21st century belongs to the Eastern side of the planet, for which India will play a major role .

Why Choose Spearhead Consulting ?

  • Spearhead Consulting hosts the world’s first and only 21st-century Intern knowledge center.
  • Spearhead Consulting contains a team of an alumnus of Harvard, ISB, IIT, and IMI.
  • The advisory board of Spearhead Consulting contains a diverse set of highly experienced professionals, CXO’s and ex-Microsoft, Dell, IBM employees.
  • The culture of Spearhead consulting is inclusive and empowering. It aims to empower 50,000 lives by 2020.

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Key Offerings

A list of key offerings provided by Spearhead Consulting to interns from foreign locations


Interns will be given an opportunity to lead right from day one

Diverse Culture

Interns will experience diversity in culture, right from origin to past professional background

Mini Start-up Experience

Get an experience of running your own start-up, wonderful opportunity for those who want to open one in future

Other Key Aspects of Internship

Workshops and various events to lead and participate

Opportunity to be an orator through our various in-house activities

High incentives for high performance

Become a proper team player with diverse set of members

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Limited capacity in upcoming 2 batches.

  • Internship starting from September 7th
  • Internship starting from November 7th

Note – Only for students doing management degree and are expats.

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