Would you  rather be learning theory or   Would you rather  be learning skill to boost your career while working  on Live Project

To provide a solution to the fix created by Internship challenges due to COVID and based on our discussion with Business Graduates students, We have curated this Digi Sales Hackathon.

Primary Benefits :

  • You shall learn the number one skill in the world: Digi Sales
  • You shall participate in Live Project and shall be contacting Prospects / Clients
  • You shall get Participation Certificate
  • You have a shot at prize >= 5000
  • You shall work on Live Project

Who should participate

  • One Who is looking to build a career in Digital World / Sales
  • One Who is  looking to enhance his earning capabilities and get ready for the corporate world

Who shall You be working With

  • Business Graduates from Premier Colleges
  • Digi Gurus with 20 Years Plus Experience in Digital World

Who this challenge is not for

  • One Who is not working to build his careers in Sales or Digital World
  • One who is shy in calling people or contacting people

How do you participate

Submission of Application: June 15th To June 18th as per following details :

Drop Mail to Info@spearheadconsulting.xyz

  • With your cv
  • Explaining Three Value add to this hackathon from you
  • Three expectations of yours.


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