Youngsters are full of energy, they are also full of ideas, just that these ideas are submerged somewhere inside.

I would encourage each one of them to open up their minds and think of what they could do.

“I am modern, therefore I must revolt and contradict”.

In realistic terms, you react to people, thought, situation to make your point.

There is no point in reactionism, you are merely contradicting, and someone else is contradicting you, and the chain continues.

  • Now ask yourself, where do you see yourself in that chain?
  • Did to resolve any problem by contradiction?
  • Why do you expect people to lend you an ear?

As a grown adult of any society, you’re expected to take decisions keeping in mind the interests of everyone around you.

You’re not born in a jungle, but a civilization where personal and professional lives of people are intertwined in a manner so that we can learn and grow together. It’s an act of coexistence and interdependence, you neither stand-alone nor rise alone.

Cooperation is the key, it’s your key to happiness.

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