• What I cannot transfer you Money Online using my credit card?
  •  “ No no I don’t want to add your bank account to make payment “

If you hear this from the customer, you are sending more than half to the customer back even if they wanted to do some transaction with you. Especially as a Solopreneur as you don’t have many resources with you to let a lead go.

Did that create questions in your mind and you thought of calling or contacting an expert to find the answer or did it bought the picture of complex big computer machines which are spread across the Globe and are cranking money?


The Good Answer is it is not that difficult.

Once you have defined your product or service category and you have a price for your services/product in mind, you need to make it easier for the customer to buy your services/products.

 You must have started thinking that this might need following and may in the following order as well

  •  Website
  • Social Media Handles
  • Content
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Payment Gateway


What if I tell you we can start from Payment Gateway first so that you are able to receive money without creating a website or even having social handles?

It is not that you don’t need a website, Social Media Handles, SEO, SEM, etc but they are no barrier for you to set up your payment gateway first.


Some of the options are

  •    RazorPay


Once you sign on these gateways, You can create and send Payment Links via Mail, Fb, Whatsapp, Social Media, or SMS to accept payment. Easy And Super Easy.

No Website needed.


Action Steps: 1

At this moment I encourage you to put a price on your product or services and choose the payment gateway you like based on your location as different payment gateway run different promotional schemes to attract customers.

Don’t think too much, you need to have one to share with your customer if they like to do transactions with you especially in the COVID world.

If you are not sure on payment options or digitalization journey for your need, reach out to me at


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